Are You Handling Negative Reviews or Are They Handling You?

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It is always wonderful to receive positive reviews from your patients. But what about when the reviews aren’t so positive? All it takes is one patient having a bad experience for this to happen even to the very best of practices. You might be tempted to ignore or even delete these reviews, but this may not be the best approach.

See Negative Reviews As An Opportunity

When you are upset, what is it that you truly want? We all want to be heard, especially our patients. We know at times it is hard to hear what they have to say, but this is your opportunity to hear them and communicate publicly which will then give other patients or potential patients the opportunity to witness how you treat people. A simple acknowledgment of feelings can go a long way. And then you ask to speak to and resolve the issue privately. It can be as simple as “Dear Mr. Patient, we are so sorry you experienced that in our practice. It is not what we strive to provide to our valued patients. May we contact you privately to resolve this issue?” And you wait for a response. If they say yes, then contact them and work with them to find a resolution. If they do not reply, move on.

Strengthening Trust with Your Patients

It is important to remember to not take this personally. This is about the patient, don’t let your feelings get involved. You are here to help them. And by responding to their negative review, your patients know they will be heard and that you care. By contacting them personally, working for a resolution and giving them this time, you might also give them the opportunity to change their review and to now become a raving fan.

We Can Help You Build Patient Rapport

A negative review (or even a few of them) can feel like a punch in the gut, but it’s not the end of the world. If you want additional help or advice on how to approach any and all reviews, feel free to contact us.

We’re here to ensure your success!

Reviews can be a tricky necessity. Asking for them, responding to them, it is all a big question mark. Just like everything else, it is all in the presentation. The Team at Practice Dynamics is here to Coach You and Your Team to Success! Email us today to receive a complimentary Coaching Call!

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