Practice Dynamics

How Is Your Presentation?

SOMETIMES, PATIENTS GO TO THE DENTIST fully expecting to get their teeth cleaned and to be told everything looks great. On days like that, finding out they have cavities or gum disease is especially hard. The way the dentist or the hygienist breaks the bad news can make a huge difference, and it can be a…
Practice Dynamics

DiSC: Learning about Yourself, Your Team and Your Patients

This year we practiced social distancing.  What did you miss most?  I could list several things but one that stands out is the simple evening out to dinner.  Meeting new people and interacting with new friends.  I have always been a student of communication and love learning new things. Have you ever wondered why some…
Practice Dynamics

Team Huddle: How to Strengthen Your Office Game Plan

Team Huddle: How To Strengthen Your Office Game Plan ANY GOOD EXPERIENCE is indebted to the dedication of a good team. We think this is especially true of creating a positive experience for your valued patients! Each team has a unique method of planning how to provide their patients with the most enjoyable experience possible during…
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