Team Huddle: How to Strengthen Your Office Game Plan

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Team Huddle: How To Strengthen Your Office Game Plan

ANY GOOD EXPERIENCE is indebted to the dedication of a good team. We think this is especially true of creating a positive experience for your valued patients!

Each team has a unique method of planning how to provide their patients with the most enjoyable experience possible during their visit. Today, we’d like to share a few ideas to incorporate into your team huddles to create a fun experience for you in your office and grow closer as a team.

Try These Ideas In Your Team Huddle!

First, have an agenda. You do not have to be strict and follow it to the tee every day. However, we all know we need a plan in place to finish out the game with a win. And isn’t the Huddle supposed to start our day with a plan? Your huddle should be all about communication and the entire team starting their day on the same page. Your agenda can be as simple as

  1. How was yesterday? How does today look? Any problems?
  2. Where do we put emergencies?
  3. New Patients
  4. Any outstanding balances due? Insurance benefits maxed out?
  5. Same day opportunities with hygiene or Dr
  6. Special patients (great referrals, birthdays, long time patient)
  7. Finish up with something fun (leadership quote, music, fun video)

As you can see, this agenda is short yet there is multiple items that must be addressed with the entire team for efficiency.

Second in your game plan, consistency. Make sure all team members can attend and the meeting happens each day. If there are time restraints in the morning, have your huddle at the end of the day for the following schedule. Each team member should play an important role in the meeting; the business team with schedule changes and finances, the clinical team with Dr appointment key elements, the hygiene team for their schedules and patients and of course the Doctor with spear heading and finalizing the huddle.

Next up, timing. Remember this meeting is a brief communication about what to expect during our day. We should be meeting for no more than 10 minutes. This is not a complaint session or a meeting to address issues in the office.

And finally, the big finale. Each huddle should end on a high note with inspiration for your team to have a great and productive day. You can finish with a leadership quote, a fun song to get your blood pumping or even perhaps a funny video.

Remember, your team huddle is designed to start your day with communication. Have a simple yet effective agenda on hand. The entire team should be present and prepared for their portion of the meeting. The meeting should be brief and effective and don’t’ forget to send the team out onto the playing field on a high note. Ensuring your day goes well must start with a productive team huddle.

We’re Lucky To Have Such Great Clients

We love seeing your bright smiles each time we visit your office, and we want to ensure you can help your patients keep smiling throughout their day! It all starts with a good team huddle and we have great strategies for your team to get the most out of your meetings. If you would like a Practice Dynamics Huddle Agenda, just reach out, we would be happy to share!

Thank you for being our valued clients and friends!

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