If you are like most dentists you don’t routinely increase your fees and it can be a tricky subject. The main road block we here from teams is patients don’t like to pay more, especially if they’ve been around for a long time and they’re used to the old rates, but it can always be avoided with good healthy conversations and verbal skills.

Why increase fees?

Don’t let the roadblocks stop you from making this an annual analysis and routine in the business health of your dental practice. Keeping your fees at the same level always ends with an increased overhead ratio that diminishes your profits. When you profits decline it makes it challenging to reinvest in your practice, increase your teams benefits and plan for your future.

Managing the increase

Be sure to increase fees across the board. You want to maintain consistency and predictability. Picking and choosing which fees to increase costs time and money. In addition, you want to avoid playing catch up with your fee increases to avoid large jumps in costs.

Bring Us Your Questions

If there’s more you’d like to know about handling fee increases, give us a call.
This is something we do annually with our clients across the country. We’re here to help ensure that your practice gets the success it deserves, and part of that is navigating the tricky waters around patient fees.

Keep working hard! You’re doing great!

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