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Practice Dynamics

Listen to What you are seeing

When we walk into new spaces all our senses heighten and we immediately begin to make decisions about the space, the environment and how we feel about where we are.  When is the last time you went to a new restaurant? Do you remember all the experience and the details? Did you view it through a new set of eyes?

I am fairly new to Florida and we live in the Tampa area. We had the opportunity recently to try Bern’s Steakhouse in Tampa. It was an exceptional experience from the moment we walked into the entry way. The team at Bern’s are all about the customer, the atmosphere and the décor and all are intriguing.  From the beginning of our meal, to the tour of the kitchen and the largest private wine collection in the country to the dessert finale in the dessert room upstairs, everything was rememberable. It will be one of our celebration restaurants in the future for sure.


When was the last time you walked into your practice with a “new set of eyes”? I encourage you to do just that on a regular basis. Start in the parking lot and walk through your patient’s experience.

What do you see?

    • Is their clutter?
    • Do the items in your practice reflect you, the clinician and the care you provide?
    • What feelings are triggered by the appearance of each area?

Sometimes it is little things that can make a big difference and sometimes it’s overwhelming.  We’ve been in offices that the clutter just accumulated over time and everyone got used to the disarray and learned to function within it. Physical clutter can cause stress and can be exhausting for you and your team. Clutter also sends a message to the patients walking through your door each day. The first step is recognizing the problem areas with your new eyes.


You can’t tackle it all at once, with all or nothing thinking, nothing always wins. Start in one area and work your way around. Get the whole team involved. Understand why each area ended up that way and remain open to the possibilities and new opportunities that can solve the problem.


Work as a team to update, clean or reorganize each area. If the situation calls for it, remove everything from the area and bring it back in cleaned and organized. There should be a place for everything, and everything should have a place.


Finally keep it clean and organized. Work as a team to make sure it doesn’t revert to the old way.


I know this may all seem like common sense but sometimes we don’t see the clutter around us until we look with fresh eyes. It is telling a story, make sure it’s the right story.

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