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Partners, The Importance of an IT Strategy

Windows 10 caught many offices off guard and not ready to facilitate the change or investment needed to stay compliant.  For us a good IT partner is paramount to an offices success and should always been part of your monthly budget.

We have come a long way in the dental industry and IT has taken on an increasingly integral role in the way all aspects of our dental offices operate.  Gone are the days when we relied on a friend, the technical genius in the family or even ourselves to handle all the IT needs of the practice.  I grew up in dental in those “good ole” days and I loved getting to know the technology and getting my hands dirty trying to troubleshoot the latest challenge.  Those days are long behind me and today I rely on the expert companies out there to be our partner in these areas our business and the businesses of our clients.

We are blessed in dental to have amazing options for IT partners throughout the country.  These companies dedicate their selves and their teams to being the experts in the technology we need to run our businesses.   They understand dental, they understand the technology and they understand the future needs before we do.  Most importantly they are experts on securing the sensitive data on our systems and they help us stay ahead of the curve in security practices.

For me all these qualities talked about are important but perhaps there is one quality that isn’t often discussed.  The companies we have chosen to recommend have a quality that is imperative to us.  They are of course experts and passionate about IT but they are just as passionate about the customer experience and service aspect of their partnership with us and our practices.

I still read and try and keep up on the latest technologies but I rely on these teams to guide us through our IT strategy at Practice Dynamics.  We chose one of the companies that serve the Dental Community to handle our IT needs as well.  They know what’s best for us and they take care of the details which then free us up to focus on what we do best.

Today’s dental office is also faced with the threat of malware and dark forces.  These cases are becoming more and more common.  We have seen in the news where dental offices have been hacked and their data ransomed.  These stories are becoming more and more prevalent in our news and we must put systems in place to mitigate our risks.

In closing, a few things to think about with the IT partner you have chosen or not yet selected.

  • Do you have a partner IT Company to handle your daily needs?
  • Do you have an annual meeting with this company to plan for the future goals of your business?
  • Do you have a line item in your budget for IT and service needs?
  • Does your IT Company have the tools in place to anticipate a problem before you even know it’s there?
  • Does the company’s customer experience match or exceed your beliefs as a service provider?
  • Do you sleep well at night knowing you’re in good hands?
  • When a problem occurs (and they do on occasion) are you filled with dread or do you know a solution is just a phone call ahead?

Call us if you need a recommendation for a good company in your area.  We are happy to help.

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