Year: 2019

Practice Dynamics

Team Huddle: How to Strengthen Your Office Game Plan

Team Huddle: How To Strengthen Your Office Game Plan ANY GOOD EXPERIENCE is indebted to the dedication of a good team. We think this is especially true of creating a positive experience for your valued patients! Each team has a unique method of planning how to provide their patients with the most enjoyable experience possible during…
Practice Dynamics

Strategic Planning: The Time is Now

The Time Is Now When was the last time you lead a strategic discussion about the growth and goals of your dental office?  If you find yourself resisting being strategic because it sounds like the fast track to irrelevance you are probably not alone.   We survive in the day to day activities of our dental…
Practice Dynamics

Increasing Your Fees

If you are like most dentists you don’t routinely increase your fees and it can be a tricky subject. The main road block we here from teams is patients don’t like to pay more, especially if they’ve been around for a long time and they’re used to the old rates, but it can always be…
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